TL/LTL/Brokerage Transportation Software

The Transportation Software application is offered in BBx and Providex running on SCO UNIX and Microsoft Windows platforms. The application is upgraded and modified on a regular basis (3 to 4 times per year) to accommodate industry and customer demands. Custom programming for individual customers as well as cataloging changes is one of the key reasons for our success in this industry.

Operation/Dispatch (follow links for detailed listing)

  • Database
  • Reports
  • Print Forms
    - Delivery Receipts
    - A8A Forms
    - Invoicing
  • Probill Entry / Billing
  • Tracing
  • Equipment Movement History
    - Tractor Movement History
    - Trailer Movement History
  • Manifest Entry
  • Empty Miles Report
  • Probill Rating / Auditing
    - Un-rated Probill listing
  • Rate Confirmation System
  • Driver Services

Management Reports

  • Invoice Register
  • Cost Analysis Report by Lane
  • Lane Analysis Report
  • Lane Analysis Report by Rep
  • Linehaul Analysis Detail / Summary (Leg Reports)
  • Linehaul Allocation Report

Sales / Marketing

  • Sales Commission Reporting
  • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Sales Management & Reporting by Territory, Branch and Sales rep
  • Probill Outbound Report
  • Inbound / Outbound Report
  • Canadian Inbound from US Report    
  • Freight Analysis Reports By Customers
  • Current vs. Last Year (YTD and Period) Sales report

Third Party Applications

    A wide variety of industry standard Third Party Applications have been integrated with the core application. These systems vary from mileage making servers (PC Miler) to Satellite Tracking and Communication (Qualcomm / TMS). We have always maintained our position to be on the leading edge of technology in the transportation industry.

Integrated Accounting System

    MAS-90 is developed by State of the ART Inc., which has been fully integrated with the Core Application. The system is multi-company, multi-currency, which is fully documented. The modules will consist of:

      - Accounts Payables
      - Accounts Receivables
      - General Ledger
      - System Management

    MAS-90 is available in both SCO UNIX and Windows NT platforms.

Satellite Tracking

    Utilizing Qualcomm Mobile Tracking and Communication techmology the core application is fully integrated with TMS software providing instant positioning of the fleet as well as communication between dispatch and the fleet operators. Utilizing this technology, we have developed an early notification/reporting system of any service problems throughout the fleet based on ETA and appointment schedules.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    The system is designed to send and receive EDI records such as record 204, 210, 214, etc.
    These records are in ANSI X12 standards and they can be transmitted via any EDI WAN provider.

Document Imaging

    Document Imaging is also an integrated feature of the system allowing the Billers, Customer Service and Rating staff immediate access to images of all coduments scanned. This function also enables the user to print and fax the documents directly from the workstation.


Database      Reports     Tracing     Driver Services

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Detailed listings from the Operation/Dispatch component


  • Site-ID
  • Tractor
  • Trailer
  • Agent
  • Driver
  • License Code
  • Probill Status Code
  • Zone Code
  • Permits/Fuel
  • Canada Custom Ports
  • Broker Holdback/Insurance
  • Revenue Splitting Tables
  • Multi Currency
  • City, State/Province, Zones
  • Other Carrier Probill Processing
  • Equipment Inventory Control


  • Pick Ups Available by Zone
  • Driver's List
  • Tractors by Base Plate
  • Tractors Incoming by Zone
  • Tractors Not Available
  • Tractors Available by Zone
  • Missing Call-In
  • Last Call-In
  • Trailers Not Available
  • Trailers Available by Zone
  • Trailers Non-Company
  • Trailers Company
  • Trailers Last Time Used
  • Load Manifest
  • Running Orders
  • Manifest Incoming by Zone
  • Local Delivery Manifest
  • Revenue Splitting Code
  • Holdback/Insurance
  • Pick Up by Zone
  • Missing Bill


  • Shipper
  • Consignee
  • Bill-To
  • Customer Reference
  • B/L
  • Manifest
  • Phone Number
  • Postal/Zip Code
  • Tractor Tracing
  • Trailer Tracing

Driver Services:

  • Safety Reports
  • Driver Database
  • Licensing
  • Permits
  • Broker Settlements (Company Drivers / Broker Units)