Warehousing and Distribution Solutions
For The Transportation Industry


Who we are?    

  • Taos Technology Inc. is among the leading transportation technology companies in North America specializing in a number of transportation areas, including Warehousing and Distribution solutions designed for the transportation industry.


What is TWS™?  

  • TWS™ is a Warehousing/Distribution software designed for distribution warehouses as well as transportation companies with warehousing capabilities.
  • This product is scalable and can be customized to fit the needs of any size/type operation.
  • RF (Radio Frequency) is built in part of the TWS.


Product Features    

  • Contract pricing
  • Product reservation/Quarantine
  • Built in Accounts Receivable
  • Auto rating based on contract pricing
  • Flexible billing
  • Built in reporting system
  • Powerful auditing capabilities
  • Receiving/Shipping history
  • Optional customer web access
  • Optional built in interface to connect with many 3rd party accounting systems
  • Optional ‘RF’ and remote access capabilities


How do we do it?

 ·         Our Warehousing/Distribution solutions are a “start to finish product” meaning we are involved in and provide everything from consulting● hardware/software● implementation● training● support.



How can you contact us to set up an appointment for a demo of our Warehousing product?    

  • To set up an appointment to view our warehousing solutions or to answer any questions you may have Please call us at 888-551-8367 or email us at warehousing@taostech.com