Document Imaging System
For The Transportation Industry

What is document imaging?

    Basically, document imaging is nothing more than scanning a document, converting it into a digital file, indexing that file and transferring it to an imaging server. Once transferred to the imaging server, the scanned document can be made available to members of your organization through your existing intranet or to your customers through the Internet.

What are the benefits of document imaging?

    Increased storage space- typically a four drawer filing cabinet holds from 9000 to 11,000 individual documents and requires about four square feet of floor space and four more square feet for access to those drawers. Truckload carriers with 100 power units can easily generate enough documents to fill that cabinet in just ten weeks. You would need five new filing cabinets every year just to store the incoming documents. LTL trucking companies can easily double that amount of documents.

    A document that has been converted to a compressed digital image takes about 50k of storage space. At that rate an 18 –gigabyte hard drive can store over 350,000 documents as much as 34 cabinets.

    Hard drive storage is fine for recent documents, but when it comes time to archive those documents, laser disks and magnetic tape drives offer an excellent way to store tens of thousands of documents while keeping them easy to access.

    Decreased document flow time- if you follow the trip a document takes though a company you will find a day long process, that document travels across a half dozen desks and creates enough copies to nearly double in size, traveling from the billing department to the payroll department to the safety department and to the fuel tax department increasing in size each time. Instead imagine one person pulls that document apart, scans it and indexes all of the documents and then puts it in storage. As soon as that document is transferred to the imaging server it is made available to all departments to access it individually or all at once, thus reducing the time spent waiting for a document to come across your desk.

    World Wide Web Access- To further enhance your document imaging solution we offer an optional web interface controller, which gives your customers the ability to interact with your system over the Internet and view documents pertaining to them in a safe and controlled environment.

    Other benefits include the ability to combine images from different sources to build electronic files and the ability to allow access to authorized users only. In addition, once a document has been scanned it rarely becomes lost, as the original image is always available on the disk.

How we do it?

    Our imaging solutions are a "start to finish product" meaning we are involved in and provide everything from ...
  • consulting
  • hardware/software
  • implementation
  • training
  • support

Who are some of the companies using our product?

    Some of the transportation companies currently using our imaging solutions include Concord Transportation Inc, KLMN Warehousing, Ucan Universal Transportation and Carrier One Transportation Inc.

How can you contact us to set up an appointment for a demo of our imaging product?

    To set up an appointment to view our imaging solutions or to answer any questions you may have please call us at 888-551-8367 or email us at imaging@taostech.com